The Devil's Crawl
A Nightmare on Broad Street at XFINITY Live!

Tickets & Pricing
General Admission - $15.00

General Admission (Group) - $10.00

VIP Reserved Seating (NBC Arena Booth) - $50.00

VIP Reserved Seating (VIP Ultra Lounge) - $50.00

VIP Reserved Seating (PBR Bar & Grill) - $50.00

VIP Bottle Service (NBC Arena Booth - Group of 6-8) - $60.00

VIP Bottle Service (PBR Bar & Grill Booth - Group of 6-8) - $60.00

VIP Bottle Service (VIP Ultra Lounge - Group of 6-11) - $60.00

VIP Bottle Service (VIP Ultra Lounge - Group of 12-17) - $55.00

Event Details
You and all your friends are invited to Philadelphia's sexiest Halloween event of the year, "Nightmare on Broad Street", with "The World's Sexiest DJ" Playboy Playmate Centerfold Colleen Shannon spinning your favorite songs all night long!  Jason will be the host for this hellish night while you are mesmerized by the dancer erotica show with girls hanging upside down 50+ feet in the air!  And if that was not enough, start to plan your costume now as we are giving away over $10,000 in cash & prizes!!  
Make sure to grab all your friends because the person who brings the most people wins a complimentary VIP open bar experience at XFINITY Live! for 20 people at a future date.  There will also be a VIP Ultra-Lounge Area creating literally 6 different themed parties under 1 roof.  You will not want to miss out on this nightmare extravaganza!
Tickets Include:
  • World's SEXIEST Costume Contest on stage with over $10,000 in cash & prizes!
  • Dancer Erotica show from the drapes and on the NBC booths 50+ feet above
  • 6 amazing different-themed venues to party in - which no other location in Philly offers!
    • NBC Arena
      • Playboy Playmate DJ Colleen Shannon with multiple other DJs
      • Ice Luge drinks & martinis
      • Pumpkin Pie & Apple Cider Shots
    • Spectrum Grill
      • DJ 80s / Polyesters Theme
      • DJ Entertainment - get your boogie on!
    • Victory Beer Hall:
      • Live Music from Split Decision
      • Contests & games all night long
      • Amazing craft beer
    • PBR:
      • Incredible DJ & Buckle Bunny dancer entertainment
      • Ghost Riding in Philly’s hottest country-themed bar!
    • Broad Street Bullies:
      • Dead Celebrities Party
      • DJ Entertainment
      • 35+ craft beers on draft - with pumpkin beer options!
  • General Admission Tickets
    • Your cover charge
    • 1 Free Drink (only if you buy tickets in advance AND arrive before 10pm)
    • Costume contest
  • VIP Reserved seating
    • Your cover charge
    • 1 Free Drink (only if you buy tickets in advance AND arrive before 10pm)
    • Your own reserved table in the VIP Ultra Lounge (where DJ Colleen Shannon's table is) or NBC Marketplace all night long
    • Waitress service (gratuity not included)
  • VIP Bottle Service
    • Your cover charge
    • Your own reserved table in the VIP Ultra Lounge (where DJ Colleen Shannon's table is) or NBC Marketplace all night long
    • 1 bottle of Vodka and 1 bottle of champagne on your table (per 6 people)
    • Available to groups of 6 or more ONLY.  (groups of 12 get 2 bottles of each, etc)
  • The sickest decorations around - we are transforming each of the venues in to a Halloween wonderland!
  • Tons of candy, free giveaways, and halloween swag
  • Party hosted by the ghastly MC Jason
  • Multiple bars and bartenders for drinks!
  • Drink Responsibly. $20 Complimentary First Ride credit from Uber - your safe ride there or home!  Sign Up Here
The sexiest, largest halloween bash in Philadelphia is at XFINITY Live! Philadelphia - get your tickets ASAP as this is sure to sell out!  Get there early - STAY LATE!  This is going to be one VERY FUN NIGHT!! Invite your friends above using the "LIKE" & "SHARE" buttons.
Prices will increase as we get closer to the event and will be more at the door. So, for guaranteed entry and to save $$, absolutely purchase your tickets ASAP before the price goes up or the event sells out!
WORLD’S SEXIEST COSTUME CONTEST :: Over $10,000 in cash and prizes!!!
Costume contest categories with prizes for: Sexiest Costume, Best Group Costume (3 or more people), Best Individual Costume. Staff will be walking around all night checking everyone out and seeing who the best of the best are - dress to impress to win! They will be handing out tickets for the top costumes - that ticket will get your entered in to the contest (ask the staff when the contest will be so you do not miss out). 
** Costume not required for entry, but isn't it more fun to dress up?
About XFINITY Live!
You will get an experience like no other.  Imagine 6 parties under the same roof.  With plenty of drink specials, entertainment and contests this night will rock your Halloweekend.XFINITY Live! Philadelphia is a dining and entertainment district in the Wells Fargo Complex. Venues include The Philly MarketPlace, Spectrum Grill, Broad Street Bullies Pub, PBR Bar and Grill, Victory Beer Hall and the NBC Sports Arena.